Welcome to the official website for Haitian Island Ministries — a ministry that has been reaching out to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere since 1994. Most people in Haiti live on less than $1 a day. There is no welfare or public assistance available. About 80% of the population lives in abject poverty and 70% of the adult population cannot read or write.

Haitian Island Ministries (H.I.M.) gives its full undivided attention and resources to Haiti in an effort to bring peace and the Word of God to the people.

What is Our Purpose?

Haitian Island Ministries operates medical programs, feeding programs, and also builds schoolsand churches in some of the most remote areas of Haiti. The medical programs provide free vitamins, medicines, and medical care for hundreds of thousands of Haitians. The feeding programs provide a simple daily meal for thousands of Haitian children from several villages each month. H.I.M.’s five schools provide key primary education to Haitian children to equip them with the tools they need to improve their lives.

How You Can Help

Haitian Island Ministries has structured a sponsorship program that pays for Haitian children to attend school tuition-free. Sponsoring a Haitian family relieves them from the significant financial burden of paying school tuition. Every penny of your sponsorship goes toward paying for teachers’ salaries and school supplies. By helping Haitian children stay in school, you have the opportunity to change the future of Haiti, one child at a time.

Hi everyone,

This month we are continuing with the problem of soil erosion in Haiti and the effects it has on the country and people.

There are four photos; the first shows the effects on a bare mountain side and the second the same mountains, but showing the houses just below them. It just takes a glance to see the areas where water comes down the mountain sides and ends up in or on the houses, pretty much washing everything in its path away.

People ask the question, “Why do they rebuild in the same area if they know what is going to happen?”. In Haiti, it isn’t as easy to move as it is here and generally they don’t have the money to move. It may be the only spot of land they own and no one will buy it from them.

The third photo is of the river we mentioned during or after the hurricane last year when the water was almost over a bridge. You can see that bridge in the distance. Where people are walking was a road with houses before the hurricane. Now all of them are gone.

The fourth shows the results of when the water hits a dry river or creek bed Notice the stained water well out into the bay just west of Port Au Prince. It’s now the “rainy season” in Haiti.

It is a never-ending problem for the country and people who live there. The solution? We are working on that, at least in the areas we work.

These pictures were taken by Steve flying into Haiti, while visiting one of the schools near the bridge. School begins in Haiti September 4. While there, Steve delivered school supplies, vitamins and medicines to two of the schools. The school supplies were donated by a “still involved” school teacher in St. Charles MO.

Terry has her three-month check-up at the bone marrow clinic in St. Louis September 7, so please keep that in your prayers as well as the people in Texas. They certainly have flooding problems of their own.

Thank you for all you do for our friends in Haiti, your prayers and your giving.

Steve and Terry